No More Bad Hair Days: Great Hairstyles Every Day | Real Simple

No More Bad Hair Days: Great Hairstyles Every Day | Real Simple.


Our first Print Ad hit the streets two days ago in Chicago Social: The Men’s Book! We are all very excited! Chicago Social this year…Vanity Fair next! Thanks to all of you who have supported us from the beginning! Best. -JB

'What Inspires Us': Puerto Muerto

Hot new trend @ Fashion Week: 'The Gap'

Gaptoothed Celebrities Flaunt Their Smiles-WSJ


Struggling with a sense of alienation following the death of his father in 2008, fashion designer David Delfin asked an orthodontist to insert a bracket to open a space between his two front teeth.

“It was a metaphor for the separation I was feeling,” said Mr. Delfin, who called his spring 2009 collection “Diastema,” the medical term for a space between two teeth, usually in front.

It turns out Mr. Delfin was ahead of the fashion curve. At model casting calls for New York’s fashion week, which begins today, one of the most coveted attributes is an affront to modern orthodontics: gapped teeth.

The look is a bold departure from recent standards of idealized beauty that have rewarded curvaceous and perfect-smile models, such as Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Kerr, with high-profile ad campaigns.

Instead of perfection, designers now want what casting directors call “characters.”

“I think people want to see something different, something off,” says casting director Natalie Joos, who is selecting models for the runway shows of Lacoste and Cynthia Steffe.

Other distinguishing characteristics in demand this season include tattoos, piercings, scars and even albino coloring.

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Alasdair McKellen / W Magazine

We wonder what will be in season next year?…. Eczema?  Or maybe some good old fashion Acne?

I guess this means there’s hope for all of us mere mortals who have secret desires of celebrity and tons of ‘character’ to boot. Ha!



The New Way to Pack Travel Features:

The New Way to Pack Travel Features:

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Ladies! Different Bra's for Different Outfit

For some of you this may seem intuitive; but for many of us this concept has passed us by.

The BRA, aka your FOUNDATION GARMENT, in my opinion, is the most vital part of your outfit on a day to day basis!  So first and foremost, if you have not been to a professional bra fitter go now!  (I mean drop everything, and go get those tah tah’s measured asap!)

Once you know your correct brassiere size, then you need to invest in 3-5 bra’s.

Here are my recommendations:

1-2: Everyday Bra’s: Proper support, t-shirt friendly (sorry no lace ladies, if we’re going for practical the cups need to be smooth) Colors: Nude, Black

1-2: Sports Bra’s: Not only will your girls thank you when your running on that treadmill, your posture, your back and workout silhouette will thank you!

1-Strapless bra: NUDE! Ideally with straps that can be removed and placed in different strap positions for various shirt designs. (razor back, haler, etc)

1-Low plunging bra: For those nights out that you are feeling a bit more daring and still need the support of a bra!  This will be your best friend girls!


Large Bust: 1- Minimizer- This is a great tool for garments that might need to de emphasize the bust, or shirts that may be a bit tighter in the bust area. (Also a good trick is if you really need to minimize the bust where a sports bra, try it! It really works well, and is comfy!)

Small Bust: 1-2 Push-up/Water Bras’s- These are well known to be a girls best friend!  For those of us who haven’t been as blessed in that area, there are many bra’s on the market that can give the effect of a cup to two cups larger with simply a bra!

Alright my last tip is that bra’s are worth investing in!  A good bra should cost you $45-$90; depending on brand and embellishment.  Ladies, this is a staple of your wardrobe, and in many cases your health can be affected by these garments!  Your worth it, go out and buy those quality bra’s!

You and your significant other will thank me! -JB

P.S. A few recommended brands: Le Mystere, Chantelle, Simone Perele, Wacoal, Champion, Spanx

Obsessed: Downy Wrinkle Releaser


I have to say for men and women on the go this should really be your new best friend.  Actually scratch that.  For anyone who doesn’t LOVE to press every crease or kink in their shirt or skirt then THIS product should be their best friend!

Currently I believe I have two bottles in my residence, one in my office, and a travel size for my purse. (Also a must for vacations!)

If you haven’t discovered the wonders and time saving benefits of this magical product run out to the store NOW and get yourself this magical little product.

Enjoy! -JB

(Send my regrets to your iron/steamer, it wasn’t personal.)

A touch of Vintage. A touch of Class.

Plaid X3

Sheer Plaid Boyshirt
$68 –
More tops »

Wardrobe Essentials : Building your Foundation Wardrobe

Foundation Wardrobe Key Ingredients:
Perfect Pair of Denim (preferably dark wash)
White button down blouse/shirt (fitted)
Suit Jacket/Trousers (can be worn as a set or separates)
Little Black Dress
Trench Coat (Khaki)
Pencil Skirt
Perfect tee (White and Black)

Once you have these building blocks you can add in your Accessories (think shoes, belts, jewelry, scarfs) to give your foundation wardrobe panache and flare.

Everything Old is New Again.

Sweet sorrow.Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


Some of the best inspiration comes from our past! Don't be afraid to look back and get inspired. -JB

Toms: Hot or Not?

Toms, a slip on canvas shoe available in a variety of colors, the hottest fad or here to stay? We feel that there not particularly flattering or attractive, however they are convenient, comfortable and philanthropic. Every pair of Tom shoes purchased an additional pair are purchased for a child in need! Fad or not, we could certainly use more companies of this nature. SO….long live the Tom’s?

West Coast Cool.

Must Haves: New Denim!

Ladies! Don’t miss these must have new denim styles! Super flattering…and are season-less (well except for maybe the white capris) Take Care! -JB

Some HOT Pieces For FALL

Top Products for Jun 25th, 2010

Great Watches For Dad…and Affordable

Men’s Watches
$409 –

Men’s Watches
$380 –

Men’s Watches
$315 –




Tip of the day: What to Wear for Day of Shopping

Whether you are a High Fashion Model or just you or running out looking for a new outfit there are few things you should always wear to the stores to ensure you can get an accurate fit. After all you want to ensure you are purchasing the most flattering garment possible!

Tips for Women:
Properly Fitting Bra
-Heels (If the outfit will require heels) *i.e. for hemming
-A white or black camisole
Thong (For those who do not wear, underwear that will not show underwear lines)
-If you are shopping for evening wear, bring a strapless bra

Tips for Men:

White fitted tee
-Boxer Briefs or Briefs (preferred)
-Dress Socks (Dark)
-Dress Shoes (If you are shopping for slacks, or suits) *Important for tailoring

Happy Shopping! -JB

Eyebrows! The frames of the face!

Eyebrows can make or break your entire look. Here are a few things of what not to do when grooming your brows…

1.) Over Plucking-your eyebrows give your face interest and help define your eyes: Don’t go crazy with your tweezers!

2.) Bleaching-many woman try to bleach their eyebrows to match their colored hair. This is a BIG NO, NO!

3.) Misplacing your Arch-Do not place your arch too close to the center of your eye, it will make you look angry.

4.) Do not darken your brow too much; DO darken your brow for a dramatic night look, but subtle is the key, one to two shades darker then your hair color and color in sparse hair

5.) NO TATTOO MAKEUP!! YIKES! That’s a major NO!

How to: Tie a Scarf

The scarf is a timeless, ageless accessory that can be found in all sizes, colors and shapes! The great thing about a scarf is that it is can provide a punch of color, texture or pattern to an outfit in a blink of an eye.

That being said many of our clients struggle with different ways to wear the scarf. We have included a brief video tutorial on three common looks. Please give us feedback on your thoughts!

(BTW this is our first video blog, so would love feedback and suggestions. Be gentle.) -JB

Italian Shoe Construction 101

Giltman 5/26/10

We’re digging into Goodyear Welt Construction (named after William Goodyear, whose father invented Goodyear Tires). Most men’s dress shoes are made using this method. What’s the difference? Basically the upper part of the shoe is fitted on the last (that’s the mold) and fastened together by sewing a leather strip (called a welt) to the inner and upper sole. Typically, a 12-strand-thick thread is used to hold the pieces of leather in place.

This construction method leaves an empty space that is later filled with a material called Flexofil. Finally, the sole of the shoe is attached using a powerful adhesive. Goodyear-welted dress shoes take much longer to manufacture and is the preferred process for most high-end shoe companies.

Tutorial on Shaving: Men

Hey guys! We thought this was a great tutorial on shaving! It seems a bit like the holy grail, to get that perfect close shave. Try these tips and to follow these instructions and you may be pleasantly surprised! -JB

LBD & Cardigan: A seasonless Essential

Best Budget Beauty Buys – For Her

Lets face it we are not all Donald Trump, and cannot afford to spend a small fortune on Beauty products and Cosmetics, fortunately for us we don’t have to. After years of research we have put together a list of our favorite easily purchased and affordable drugstore purchases that you will be sure to love!

Apricot Scrub: It smells lovely, and works as well as much more expensive scrubs
Degree (Men’s deodorant): We suggest this, yes for women, because as much as we hate to admit it we DO perspire and this deodorant both smells lovely and provides the ultimate protection.
Jergen’s Natural Glow: Great to build up a slow and natural glow. Use it occasionally throughout the week, and it will give you the look of being sun kissed without the UV rays.
Dove Body Wash: Great moisturizing body wash. Smells lovely. Also can be used as shaving lotion.
Gilete Razor: Men’s razor. But again this is the best razor we’ve found for getting down to the nitty gritty of things:) Those boys seem to really have it figured out in certain areas!
St.Ives Vitamin E lotion: All around great body lotion. Use it all year round, this is non greasy and is loaded with vitamin E.
ProV Restoratives: Pantene makes this great Shampoo and Conditioner. Out of almost all of the Shampoo and Conditions including salon brands this is by far the best for hydrating and repairing the hair shaft.
Neutrogena SPF 15 Facial lotion: Lotion for the face with spf. Apply prior to your makeup and it will keep your face moisturized all day!
No Slip Elastics: These are amazing! We have been looking for something like this for ages! These are ribbed so they do not slip out of the hair and they stay in for days! They are wonderful!! Run out and get them today!

The GQ Guide to Dressing for Less

April 2010 – GQ

Dressing well doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. It’s about combining old-school know-how (Yeah, you better have a skilled tailor) with the realization that there are now more affordable style-centric stores than ever. Here’s where—and how—to shop, the items you should always buy for less, and the 25 rules that will make you a better-dressed, more cost-conscious man.

We felt that this slide show (link featured below) offers valuable tips for all you men who are trying to look fashionable yet may be on a tight budget. Even if your not on a tight budget it is still worth checking out, for unique sources of fashion. Cheers! -JB

Men\'s Style Savings Guide

What Inspires Us: MARA HOFFMAN

We LOVE Mara Hoffman’s beautiful and extremely original silk printed dresses and jumpsuits. She is a NYC designer who loves using bursts of color in all her designs.

You can check out all her collections and where to buy at

She brightens our day!


Nude heels are one of the best kept secrets out there ladies! They elongate the lines of your leg, they go with EVERYTHING and they are perfect for both day and night! Seriously invest invest invest in a great bare of nude pumps! NOW! You won’t regret this purchase. Remember, if you live in a area of the country that has seasons try and get a pair you can wear all year round, so you get the most out of your investment. Happy Shopping! -JB

OH, and and having a sale $25 off when you spend 250$; and free shipping. Also two of the pairs I featured in this spread are on sale!

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and facebook. Jbstyles_com (twitter) JBstyles (facebook).

Our Obsession: Lululemon Groove Pant

Lululemon Groove Pant our a staple in EVERY woman’s wardrobe!  These are seriously the most flattering, comfortable and versatile ‘workout’ pants you will EVER purchase!  Yes, they are $98 but they are worth every penny.  You can wear them to the grocery store, picking the kids up from school or even just around the house and rest easy that you will be looking fabulous and fashionable.

Follow us now on twitter @ jbstyles_com! to pick up your own pair!

What Inspires Us: Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin inspires us with not only her breathtaking and timeless beauty, but her grasp and individual style sense. Her name is synonymous with taste, class and elegance. I mean come on, it’s not every girl who has one of the most well known and classic Hermes bag’s named after them! -JB

How to fold a pocket square.

(Illustration by Michael Hoeweler)

The ONE Point Pocket Fold

1. Start with your pocket square folded into quarters.
2. Fold it corner to corner, creating a triangle.
3. Fold the bottom-left corner of the triangle a third of the way across.
4. The bottom-right corner should cross the left to create an envelope figure.
5. Slip the folded pocket square into your jacket pocket.

I found this great little illustrated diagram on how to fold a pocket square, and thought that this might be very helpful for my male clients out there, who would love to sport a pocket square; but struggle with exactly how to sport the look. In my view you can never go wrong with adding a classic white pocket square to your suit or sport coat…for me it says confidence, nostalgia and just the added touch that say’s ‘hey I went the extra bit here and put a square of fabric in my jacket’.

Also there are two ways to wear the square(well actually four but whose counting), first as shown above; and the second a more modern (and usually my preference is the straight fold or square pocket fold).   Both are equally acceptable and equally dapper!

So fold away boys! And yes, it’s hip to be square!

The Square Pocket Fold

Lands End Revamped! : Canvas 1963

Check out the HOT new looks from Lands End! You seriously won’t believe your eyes when you get a look at the new ‘canvas 1963’ line. It’s modern, sleek and affordable to boot! It’s a bit Jcrew, with a femininity and bit of Ralph Lauren Americana. I am putting my order in tonight!! I am really advising my clients that this is great for weekend wear or that chic girls lunch or trip to the grocery store. -JB

Great Article on Men's Glass Frames: Styles & History

GQ Glasses Slideshow

Here's what you need to know to find your ideal glasses for your face!

Great May Deal! Hot Belt

Great Belt!

Leather belt, Brave Leather, $80 after discount (originally $100); at

Receive 20% off any purchase. Enter promo code INSTYLE20 at checkout. Offer valid from April 19th to May 31st.

*Deal brought to you by

Fitting Session: Jeans

Jeans by jbstyles featuring GAP jeans

Ok ladies: I was with a client who needed a new pair of great fitting jeans…and yes she wasn’t a size 2…so believe it or not we ended up finding ‘the one’ at the gap! They were great! They have redesigned their denim line and really have a bunch of great, affordable styles that flatter a wide range of figures. So when you have the time and ENERGY go check out their new great fitting denim. -JB

Belted Beauty's

This post is for all us gals who may not be a size 6, and trotting around in clothes that could be just as easily mistaken for a two year old’s duds. Specifically I focused on the belted trend. Just because we may be a size 12 or 14 doesn’t mean we should be afraid to draw attention to our waist lines! Oh no! Quite the contrary, in fact I want you to draw attention to your favorite assets, whether that be your great cleavage, your tiny little waist, or those killer legs…flaunt it, you know you’ve got it!

Also I featured some of my favorite ‘plus’ brands/websites, here are a few more to check out., Faith21,, (up to 16), Banana (up to 16),, Rachel Pally.

Channeling Cary Grant

Armani Man

posted by jbstyles.

'Urban Cowgirl'

by Jbstyles.

Items in this set:

“Great combination of textures and materials; love combining leather, suede, and metal! Then the contrast of the structured dress, think that it’s fabulous! And that for those of us who can’t afford these prices, or the styles just aren’t complimentary to our figures take the idea of this collection. The idea of blending different materials and textures together, or of taking a ‘rocker’ belt and pairing it with a great suede jacket. Play around! Fashions fun and their are NO RULES!!” -JB

More J.Crew Love: Lucky Right Now

Jenna Lyons Interview

I know I’ve repeatedly rhapsodized on this blog about how the genius of creative director Jenna Lyons’ design and styling has utterly transformed J.Crew but I have to indulge for one more minute to call out the fabulousness of the brand’s fall presentation yesterday.

Sandals With Socks: Chic Or Shriek?

Fashion’s most infamous faux-pas, the wearing of sandals with socks, might be losing its “don’t” status. The foot statement stomped down numerous Spring-Summer 2010 runways last year and has been sported by the likes of Rihanna and Marc Jacobs. And there’s no better time to try it out during spring’s not-quite-sandal weather. Take a look at these sandaled and socked feet and vote for who looks chic! And let us know in the comments if this is a trend you might try.

Let us know what you think of the sock and sandal look? Chic or Shriek?

Christiam Dior

Marni Spring/Summer


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Sandra Bullock Hat Becomes Famous: ET Has The Details

Sandra Bullock Hat Becomes Famous…..

Poor thing is going through a horrible ordeal with this apparent cheating louse of a husband Jesse James and the resulting media circus that is surrounding her 24/7…but SANDY couldn’t you have picked a better hat!?! -JB

Last night, Sandra Bullock was purportedly snapped for the first time in two weeks — wearing a hat that instantly became famous!

The colorful Ribbon Braid Hat with Extra-Large (7-inch) Brim is from The San Diego Hat Company. A spokesperson for the company says that Sandra regularly shops at Fedora Primo in Santa Monica, CA, which carries the popular brand.

The particular hat is from the 2007 line and sold for about $30. A new version of the hat is currently online with a different color scheme. Other styles have a smaller brim and similar colors.

SEE MORE: A Marriage in Pics: Sandra Bullock & Jesse James

Posted April 01, 2010 11:54:00 AM
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J. Crew’s Awesome-Looking Fall 2010 Collection: A Sneak Peek (PHOTOS, POLL)

J. Crew is really on a roll. Jenna Lyons and Frank Muytjens presented the women’s and men’s fall 2010 collections on Thursday in New York. Take a little look-see and share your thoughts below.

Jennifer Aniston’s Eye Brightening Makeup Trick – StyleList

There’s no question that Jennifer Aniston is on our list of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities. But her luxurious locks aren’t the only thing that we covet.

The Bounty Hunter” star recently attended the New York City premiere wearing lust-worthy eye makeup, commanding our attention towards her blue eyes.

Now, nobody’s doubting that Aniston‘s eyes are gorgeously blue on their own, but one glance at her glowing orbs and we knew she had a little makeup help. Further investigation proved our theory correct: Chanel makeup artst Angela Levin played up the actress’s light eye color with a reddish brown shadow found in Chanel’s new Collection Essentielle de Chanel Multi-Use Make-Up Palette in Paris-New York.

Why reddish brown instead of a more mainstream taupe or walnut? “The red hue in the powder really made Jen’s blue eyes pop,” explained Levin.

Although it sounds counter intuitive, this type of color theory is an eye-color-brightening secret tip of many top makeup artists. In fact,enhancing your eyes with a shade that is completely opposite is makeup artist Carmindy from TLC’s “What Not to Wear go-to trick from scoring peepers that glow.

“Just look on a color wheel and find the shade that’s opposite your natural eye color – this tone will make your orbs look their brightest,” said Carmindy.

In Aniston’s case, since red is opposite green on the color wheel, any shade with a reddish tone in it — like a copper, orange or a warm, plummy purple — will help bring out the green tones in blue eyes, giving them a more aqua cast.

Watch the video below as Carmindy guides us through the best shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner to pop brown, blue, green and hazel eyes. And for another timely way to get gorgeous peepers, follow these easy tips for wearing cat eye liner, a la Beyonce.


The Season’s Best Sports Jackets: Wear It Now: GQ

2. Come Untied
Strike a rakish note: Lose the tie; add cuff links and a pocket square.

Silk-linen sports jacket, $3,790, by Tom Ford. Shirt, $560, pocket square, bracelet, by Tom Ford. Pants, $360, by PS Paul Smith. Loafers, $155, by Geox. Sunglasses by Persol. Cuff links by Tiffany & Co.

Very 60’s…almost looks like a young Ray Charles or Jamie Fox.  Very HOTTT!  Great Spread.  -JB

1. Let It Shine
A Rat Pack sheen demands you dress up. No sneakers, no T-shirts.

Cotton sports jacket, $210, by DKNY. Shirt, $225, by Burberry. Tie, $13, by H&M. Pants, $545, by Maison Martin Margiela. Loafers, $125, by G.H. Bass & Co. Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Ring by David Yurman. Watch by Tag Heuer

4. Polo, Player
Go for a polo with panache—not one for the court or the course.

Wool-mohair sports jacket, $425, by Banana Republic. Polo shirt, $138, by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Pants, $538, by Dior Homme. Shoes, $285, by John Varvatos. Hat by Tomaz & Williamson at JJ Hat Center. Ring by Gregg Wolf. Watch by Hamilton.

Not crazy about the striped tee by polo…but the blazer is BEAUTIFUL! and by Banana who would of thought! -JB

Brian Atwood Weston Slingbacks – We’re Obsessed!


I’ve often said I don’t have enough acid green snakeskin in my life. These platform peep-toes are the first step (no pun intended) in remedying that situation. Also love the heel. From the back, it looks like a narrow copper pick, but from the side, you’ll see that it’s much wider and thus, loads more comfortable.

$895; at

Bijoux Heart L’Air Headband – We’re Obsessed! Well if $ isn’t an issue

00 - Net a

Who hasn’t had a queen-for-a-day fantasy (or 10)? When yours strikes next, here’s your crown. Festooned with opals, aquamarines and pearls, this peacock feather-shaped headband is regal without being stuffy (exactly the tone one wants to strike with subjects). Your kingdom awaits

Find at Net a 1700$

Men! An often overlook part of the wardrobe…SOCKS!

An often-overlooked part of our wardrobe, these days the sock has started to get the attention it deserves. With the rise of pant hemlines (literally), men are giving more thought to what’s covering that potentially exposed ankle, and a bright-colored or patterned sock can really help a suit go from boring to brilliant. That’s where Pantherella comes in. The British company invented a new way of producing lightweight men’s socks that immediately swept the industry by storm. All, while using top notch materials. That’s why you’d never want to throw these Pantherella socks in the wash like any old sock. Here’s how the company suggests taking care of your fancy footwear:

Cashmere Socks: You

Thinking of changing your look? Check this out!

Model with brunnette hair and fringe bangs

If your contemplating a new ‘look’, or simply surfing the net and looking to have fun for a couple of minutes go to ‘’ and check out there virtual makeover tool.  This tool allows you to use a variety of models or upload your own picture and then change a array of celebrity hairstyles on your face to see what they would look like on your face.  It is pretty accurate, and very entertaining to boot!  To add to the fun you can even change the colors, and add highlights/lowlights to the hairstyles.  This really should help eliminate the OOOPPPSS and the horrible color errors we have all made in a haze of grocery store bought hair dye, hasty decision making, and often a bottle of wine.

I Highly recommend everyone play around with this for a minute or too! -JB

Model with blonde wave

Model with short, blond highlights

Oxfords! Oxfords! Oxfords! Joie "Louie Louie"

Ladies, Men, Boys, Girls….You  name it, I want to see your cute little feet donning some chic oxy’s this season!  If you really want to do it right then you’ll go for the shoelace free version, with a little distressing. A few things to be on the lookout when buying these beauts leather leather leather! The soles of the shoes for comfort and durability (these babies were made for walking), and make sure you rock them in a color that is versatile enough that you can wear them with jeans or that cute little sundress you just dug out of the back of the closet.  Now go get your oxfords! -JB


What to wear during March Madness?

Now it’s been said that this is the most unproductive month in corporate America…and in my opinion it certainly is putting a damper in my weekend face time with my man friend, not to mention my finer frocks are not planning on seeing the light of day for the next two weeks.  However, this does not mean that we have to don over-sized (often ugly, sorry boys) jerseys that are wholly unflattering and lets face it almost always a one time purchase, uncomfortable and if there your boyfriends sometimes a bit smelly.  So I’ve laid out a few casual, but sexy bar appropriate outfits that will have your man or your future man drooling at your feet. Go Cornell! -JB

PS. Don’t be afraid to accessorize this baby up with a belt, a bracelet or a well placed necklace!  And if else fails just throw on a white tee and your favorite pair of jeans and have a good time, and throw back a beer for me!

Beautiful Frye Boots! Classics, wear over or under your jeans! You’ll have these for years!

Toothpick jean, great denim...great with boot, flip flop or heel!

denim shirt with leggings from Need Supply 69$


Some interesting looks…not too hard on the eyes either. -JB GQ Week in Style: 10.22.10 Week In Style: